Beko is unveiling its pioneering HarvestFresh technology at IFA: a new technique that increases the nutritional value of fruit and vegetables during the refrigeration process.

Due to be launched by Beko across its new range of refrigerators, HarvestFresh uses not one, but three effective colours (green, blue and red), which mimic the 24-hour sun cycle and natural sunlight. This combination recreates a natural living environment for fruits and vegetables long after they have been harvested and purchased. Studies* have shown that this technology has helped preserve vitamin A and vitamin C levels much longer. The new process keeps food and healthier for a longer period than usual. From a consumer perspective, there is also the benefit that it has the strength of Beko brand behind it, a European leader in home appliances. HarvestFresh is being positioned by Beko as “another step in the brand goal of providing accessible wellbeing for all consumers”.

*Intertek performed a 7-day laboratory test on vitamin C and vitamin A measurements in direct light exposed tomatoes and green peppers.

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