British brand Pure has introduced DiscovR, its first dedicated smart speaker, which features Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, meaning that it can carry out a range of tasks, from adding to your to-do list, finding information such as weather forecasts or playing games.

Like many smart speakers, the Pure DiscovR is a tower. This shape, Pure says, means it can sit on a busy coffee table or kitchen surface without taking up too much space. Pure says the battery lasts up to 15 hours and should users take it out of range of a Wi-Fi network, they can use Bluetooth to transmit their tunes. DiscovR also features a Pure Discovery button – press this when a song is playing and it’s added to a special DiscovR playlist.


  1. Portable for up to 15 hours listening with USB-C fast charging
  2. Alexa enabled
  3. Adds songs you hear on the radio straight to your music playlists

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