Deutsche TV-Plattform offers a glimpse into the HDR future of home cinema

IFA NEXT reveals the latest techniques and standards that are revolutionising the tech market. Deutsche TV-Plattform, a merger of German household names in TV and home cinema — and, as announced at IFA, Google — is showcasing its upcoming industry touchstones for visitors to experience the next dimension of sound and vision.

One of these is 8K Ultra HD, the latest in image resolution. Deutsche TV- Plattform’s IFA booth features its own living room where visitors can see the cinematic distinction of 8K for themselves, not forgetting the HDR 10, HDR 10+, and Dolby Vision versions. Meanwhile, over in the IFA booth’s curtained-off home cinema, visitors can immerse themselves into a “3D sound” experience, equipped with an integrated HFR for extra sharp picture and HDMI 2.1 for plenty of bandwidth.

Deutsche TV-Plattform is also demonstrating its take on the the HbbTV- based 360° viewing experience, followed by a glimpse into VVC, which is set to replace HEVC through its 50% optimised video compression performance.

As the US-based VoD provider Roku, Inc. expands its TV licencing program into Europe, it is entering the German market via Deutsche TV-Plattform to demonstrate how streaming technology plays an increasingly involved role in shaping home cinema, such as simply connecting the smart TV to the internet to access feature lms and series.

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