Amazfit GTR: a distinctively elegant smartwatch that helps users stay fit, healthy and stylish.

Wearable accessories and portable devices not only serve us as tools to be more efficient, but also to express one’s unique taste and personality. With this in mind, Huami is presenting its most fashionable smartwatch – the Amazfit GTR – at this year’s IFA. This model, which has won the IFA Product Technical Innovation Award 2019, brings back classic watch design, powered with modern technology to help users keep fit, healthy and ready for action. The classic round-shaped screen is integrated with a two-layer leather strap, thin body for maximum comfort and a crystal-clear 326 PPI AMOLED display.

The new Amazfit GTR is, says the manufacturer, a “step up in elegance and craftsmanship” for smartwatches. It comes in two sizes, 47.2mm and 42.6mm; each having several editions featuring unique characteristics.
The 47.2mm Standard Edition comes with a light brown leather strap divided into two: the upper half of the strap is made out of leather, while the lower half is made out of silicon. This will maintain the elegant look at first sight, while still being completely suitable to resist sweat during a workout.

The 47.2mm edition also comes with an impressive battery life that lasts up to 24 days. In this era, when we all carry so many portable devices, having a long battery life is one of the most determinant factors to evaluate devices of this kind.

The interface is optimised for the larger display, making icons and messages easier to read, while sporting a beautiful classic design.


Amaz Fit GTR uses a “Biotracker PPG” Heart Rate sensor to enable users to access key health functions like 24- hour continuous heart rate tracking, sleep monitoring and sedentary reminders. The monitor helps users better understand if their heart rate is following a “healthy” pattern throughout the day, by monitoring the activities they perform. In both the watch and the app, the data is clearly displayed for an easy understanding of BPM patterns. With the app, users can also customise the classification of their heart rate and receive an alarm when the BPM shows an “abnormal” value. All recordings are saved on the app and can easily be shared.

With its 6-axis acceleration sensor, the Amaz Fit GTR becomes an ideal companion for sports and workout. It comes with 12 different sports modes, including several variations of running, cycling, swimming, along with other widely practiced sports such as mountaineering, trail- running and workouts. Once the activity is finished, the smartwatch displays all the data collected such as distance, pace, BPM range, laps and time per lap, and much more. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy not only the long battery life to go on trips or long runs, but also the GPS + GLONASS dual positioning that ensures a highly accurate route tracking.

The Amazfit GTR is distributed in Germany via Media MarktSaturn and Amazon; in the UK via Amazon; and Spain via PCcomponentes. The device is also available in the USA, Thailand and Malaysia, and will soon be on the market in Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Mexico and India.

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