Medisana is presenting new connected products at IFA, providing an interface between medicine and modern lifestyles. Marco Getz, Managing Director, Medisana Gmbh, says that in the field of personal health monitoring, the devices are aimed at improving mobility, flexibility, independence and safety.

“Medisana is once again underlining its expertise in the field of smart, mobile product innovations,” he said at the company’s IFA press conference. “Our ‘connect’ segment is still a major focus for our product innovations. This is where we see the ongoing development of our expertise.”

Medisana’s Home Care Robot is designed to be a digital companion for everyday life. With a voice command function, it is primarily intended to give older people uncomplicated access to digital services, provide support and help combat the social isolation many can suffer. It provides communication and entertainment, and, thanks to its emergency functions, it also ensures greater safety for users and their relatives.

When integrated with the Medisana VitaDock+ app it serves as a platform for daily health monitoring, reminding users, for example, to take daily measurements and, in conjunction with Medisana’s connect devices, providing ongoing monitoring of vital signs such as blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, activity, temperature and blood oxygen.

Also launching are the new BS 500 connect wireless body analysis scales and two new smartwatches: the BPW 100 connect blood pressure monitor and the GlucoWatch connect for measuring blood sugar.

Mr Getz added: “Every time users weigh themselves, the scales also measure heart rate because the human heart rate in resting position, the so-called resting heart rate, gives an indication of a person’s general fitness level”

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Photo: Marco Getz, Managing Director, Medisana