Twenty Billion Neurons (twentybn) says it’s building the next generation of visually enabled and interactive virtual assistants.

In a presentation at the IFA NEXT Innovation Engine Programme, in Hall 26 at IFA, Chris Mansfield, Head of Product at twentybn, showcased Millie, billed as the world’s first AI avatar, a life-sized intelligent assistant who can see, understand and interact with users.

Mansfield said that at the core of Millie’s intelligence is the company’s human-behaviour-understanding technology, powered by twentybn’s global video platform that collects high-quality, annotated data for deep learning.

Established four years ago, twentybn collects and labels up to 50,000 video clips a day and has amassed more than three million videos to-date.
“Mille is the world’s first context- aware AI avatar with in-house vision and speech models that respect people’s privacy,” Mans field said. “Mille is the critical step in our vision to bring AI avatars into the home.”
The first area that twentybn is targeting for its avatars is fitness. “Powered by our AI’s behavioural understanding, Millie Fit gives dynamic, guided workouts, instant form-feedback on complex movements, repetition counting and effort-based scoring,” Mansfield said.
During his presentation, Mans field played a video, which started with a woman receiving an SMS message from Mille that mentioned a Pilates session that would start in five minutes. The woman collects an excercise mat, before being put through her paces with help and encouragement from Mille.
In the video, Millie said: “Lift your right leg to the side, try to keep that leg straight; on to lunges – don’t quit now – three, two, one; put a soft bend in your knees and fall forward, don’t strain your neck too much it should still be in line with your spine”.

> Hall 26, Stand 114

Photo: Chris Mansfield, Head of Product at TwentyBN