IFA NEXT is packed with inventions and future tech that could become standard for the smart home. Already attracting the attention of global manufacturers with its software for HA voice control is Snips, offering pre-packaged, edge-based, voice-pairing technology connected to all devices in the household. Its key differentiator is that the programme works offline: no cloud, no internet connection, which means no potential for data breaches. “Your voice stays at home,” Genia Shipova, VP Marketing And Communications, Snips, told IFA International, highlighting why Snips’s customisable system could soon expand out of the smart home and into the infrastructure of privacy-focused big business.

Ambi Climate has launched what it claims is “The world’s first AI-powered air conditioner controller”. Through an app, which also serves as the AC remote, cutting-edge machine-learning AI algorithms adapt to the user’s preferred temperatures – as well as external factors including time of day, humidity, sunlight – working and learning in the background. This means that, in time, the user will need to make fewer manual adjustments to the air conditioning, as Ambi Climate micro-manages the environment automatically.

Tokyo start-up DrinkShift promises to refine the smart-home experience even further with the bold mission statement: “Never run out of beer again”. The system includes a beer refrigerator that understands the user’s drinking lifestyle and an app that automatically tracks the number of bottles remaining, with AI ordering supplies for delivery before the fridge is empty.

Korean start-up Everybot has created what it claims is the world’s rst dual-spin mopping robot cleaner, a small sleek wheel-less design that “autonomously and discreetly cleans the floor in the background”.

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