Building a world-leading smart technology company with cutting-edge technologies

This year, TCL Founder and Chairman, Li Dongsheng, is leading TCL to its 9th appearance at IFA. Mr. Li is one of the most recognised business leaders in China. In 2014, he was rated as the “Most Popular Economic Figure in China” by China Business Journal. In 2013, Mr. LI was awarded as the “Best CEOs of Chinese Listed Companies” by Forbes magazine, and he was also awarded the “Most Socially Responsible Entrepreneur” by XinhuaNet in 2012. We asked Mr Li to tell us a little more about the company’s presence at IFA this year.

As one of the largest Chinese companies participating in the show, and now the second largest TV manufacturer in the world, at TCL, we are once again demonstrating our profound technological innovation capabilities through the integration of the latest smart technology into many of our flagship products. The nine years participating in IFA have been a great evolutionary journey for TCL.

TCL has gone from playing catch-up, through being on equal footing with our peers; before finally surging ahead as an industry leader. At IFA 2019, TCL is again making an impression by bringing industry-leading technological products to consumers. This year, thanks to our aesthetic exhibition layout, we are displaying a comprehensive series of eye-catching products such as the 8K Mini LED Series, 8K OLED Series, audio products, and TCL mobile phone. In this way, TCL is showing global consumers the strong product power and brand influence of a Chinese super brand.


You have had great success in the US market this year. How is that coming along?

As one of the world’s best-selling and America’s fastest-growing television brand, our new TCL Roku TV models will continue to take market share in that zone. TCL’s much-anticipated TV portfolio continues to raise the bar for home entertainment experiences and performance solutions, delivering pure and rich colours in the biggest of TV screens.

How important is R&D in this development?

It is essential. Our product improvement is a result of TCL’s relentless pursuit of technological innovation and R&D over many years. AI technology, new display technology, 5G application technology, intelligent manufacturing, and industrial IoT technology are the four strands that make up TCL’s technological strategy. To date, TCL has achieved exciting results in these fields. As of May 2019, TCL had 61,000 global patent applications. It is particularly worth mentioning that TCL has 822 patents issued in the field of quantum dot electroluminescence, ranking second in the world. For example, in the eld of new display technology, TCL has a world-class R&D team and has established a world-class experimental platform for printing display. The platform has made remarkable progress in printing OLED and QLED materials and devices. Currently, TCL has established R&D centres in the United States, Poland, Hong Kong, Xi’an, Wuhan, and Shenzhen, and has plans to actively explore more fields for R&D and innovation.

What does the future hold?

Strong product innovation capabilities and technical reserves have injected new impetus for the TCL brand. In the future, it is believed that TCL will continue to pursue technological innovations, in order to bring better and smarter products and services to global consumers, and to create a smart future.

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Photo: Li Dongsheng, Founder and Chairman, TCL