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One of the biggest, most visible changes to our lives in the future will come in the way in which we move from one place to another… both how we do it, and what we do along the way. This year’s Shift Automotive conference at IFA will help set the roadmap for the future. The stellar list of speakers will deliver ideas and concepts that often sound like science fiction, but which are ready to roll out tomorrow.

An excellent example is that of Dr Venkat Sumantran, Executive Director of Tata Motors, who will be speaking on the topic of Mobility Transformations Towards a Sustainable City. “The 20th century was the century of the automobile; the 21st will see mobility dramatically re- envisioned,” he says. “Times have changed; cars are seldom the quickest mode of travel in cities and emissions from the rapidly growing number of cars and trucks threaten the planet. The auto industry is responding with electrified and connected cars that double as virtual travel assistants. The sharing economy is coaxing many consumers to shift from being owners of assets to being users of services. City administrators are shifting from designing cities for cars to designing cities for people.”

At the Shift Automotive conference a swathe of illustrious speakers will move us through their visions of a cleaner, more mobile, more individualised and more comfortable future. It could only happen here at IFA.