Ecovacs has been awarded the IFA Product Technical Innovation Award for the mapping technology on the DEEBOT OZMO 950 robotic vacuum cleaner.
The technology enables the cleaner to scan and store multiple maps of different levels of a home. The robot customises its clean after identifying which map it is in. Users can also customise where they’d like the robot to clean in each map. Ecovacs says the revolutionary pressure-retention system optimises energy efficiency and ensures high vacuum pressure, with a low noise level.
With the latest suspension design and optimised brush design, OZMO 950 can sweep cracks up to 4mm deep. The cleaner also features a Max+ Mode to increase suction power.
The Ecovacs Home App can control the vacuum remotely, while Amazon Echo and Google Home are also integrated.


  • Scans and stores multiple maps of different levels of a home.
  • Control the vacuum remotely via an app.
  • Can sweep up to 4mm deep cracks.

> HALL5.1, STAND108