Beko’s says its AquaTech washing machine cuts programme times by 50% thanks to a newly designed paddle. A sensor ensures that the paddle is positioned at the top of the cycle, which then showers the contents of the washing machine with the detergent and water mix.
Available in four freestanding versions, Beko AquaTech models can be controlled and monitored remotely through the HomeWhiz app. The app helps save users time and money, by allowing them to schedule a wash overnight and take advantage of off-peak electricity prices. The Programme Selection Wizard, meanwhile, determines the best wash for a load. There’s also the option to download new programmes as they become available. The Daily Quick programme can wash a full load in 28 minutes or 2kg of laundry in 14 minutes.


  1. Halves the programme time
  2. Function determines the best wash for a load
  3. SteamCure reduces creases

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