Bosch’s new premium dryers are the WTX87E40 and WTX87M40 models. Using Home Connect and Smart Dry, the dryers receive parameters from the last wash (programme, ll level and remaining moisture content). This automatically selects the appropriate setting for the drying process.
The AutoClean function is described by Bosch as the most convenient way yet to deal with fluff build-up. AutoClean dispenses with the conventional door- based filter that needs to be cleaned after every drying cycle – or around 160 times a year. Thanks to the automatic fluff removal technology, the fluff is directed to a separate storage area at the bottom of the appliance. This only needs to be emptied around once every 20 drying cycles, which translates to around eight times a year on average, with intelligent sensors alerting the user when it is time.


  1. Easier to maintain with AutoClean technology
  2. Iron Assist uses steam to remove wrinkles
  3. AntiStain Plus washes out up to 16 different types of stains

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