Haier is launching a new way to refresh laundry at this year’s IFA. The brand says that I-Refresh technology has been designed for the growing demand for a way to take care of delicate materials such as silk, wool and big items. Explaining the technology, Haier says that during the cycle, clothes fibres get revitalised and refreshed through the change of the drum rotation. The I-Refresh technology removes dust on clothes through a flow of warm air, that also opens up the fibre. After this first step, a flow of micro water- mist particles forms a thin level of water coating on the fibre, that combines with dirt, bacteria, odour and mite particles to be cleaned. The last step is the cooling process uses air flow to return the fibre to its original shape, colour, shininess and clarity.


  1. Technology available in standard size and super drum
  2. Designed to work on a variety of items and fabrics
  3. Machine can be customised to consumer needs

> HALL 3.1, STAND 102