On the eve of its 40th anniversary, Swiss ironing products brand Laurastar has announced the successors to CEO and founder Jean Monney: his daughter and son, Julie and Michael Monney. The siblings will share the role, while their father remains President of the Board of Laurastar Group. “I am proud to have my children embark on this entrepreneurial journey,” he said. More than just a case of ‘keeping it in the family’ both candidates have impressive credentials for inheriting the role. Julie Monney has 10 years of international experience with firms including Unilever Cosmetics, and Procter & Gamble, while Michael Monney previously worked for Ernst & Young and has been responsible for the Laurastar Group’s commercial management since 2010. “We consider ourselves to be co-pilots: the world is changing so quickly, and so are the methods of management,” said Julie Monney.

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Photo: Michael & Julie Monney Joint CEOs, Laurastar