Smart technologies underpin new cooking and cleaning products

One of the longest-established and best- known brands in the home appliances business, Germany’s Miele is at IFA with the largest product launch programme in its 120- year history. We started by asking managing director Dr Reinhard Zinkann about his product highlights.

We are presenting our first rechargeable handstick, the Miele Triflex HX 1. This is a product offering excellent and compelling suction performance and exceptional flexibility. The 3-in-1 concept makes the TriFlex a veritable all- rounder. The heart and soul of the new product is the PowerUnit, consisting of a motor assembly, a rechargeable battery and a dust box, which can be reconfigured in just a few seconds. If the PowerUnit is at the bottom, the machine has a low centre of gravity, making vacuuming large areas simple. In solo mode, the product is ideal for cleaning car interiors. In addition, we are showcasing our new Generation 7000 built-in appliances, a cooker hood with an exceptional design, customisable ambient lighting and fragrances for a pleasant micro-climate in the kitchen.


With Generation 7000 Miele is renewing its entire product range, which new technologies is Miele introducing with these new products?

When it comes to our ovens, I would highlight unique assistance systems such as TasteControl and FoodView. TasteControl prevents food from overcooking by opening the door slightly at the end of a process, allowing the interior to cool down fast to the required temperature. FoodView represents an eye into the oven. On the flagship model, the high-definition camera is even able to withstand the high temperatures reached during pyrolytic cleaning, and transmits images to a smartphone. This does away with the need to open the door to check the food, and allows temperatures and cooking times to be adjusted remotely with ease. Furthermore, most appliances from all Generation 7000 categories already have a WiFi module on board, which, when connected to the Miele@ mobile app, enables a whole host of new and additional convenience features.

How are these innovations received in the market?

Our partners in the trade and our consumers are very enthusiastic about the intuitive interfaces, the timeless design, the broad palate of smart, connected appliances and the unique new features.

Which trends do you see in your industry?

The mega trend is undoubtedly the issue of connectivity as more and more domestic appliances are communication-enabled. Already we have reached the stage where more than half of Miele’s new built-in appliances are connectivity- enabled. We will continue to work hard on expanding assistance systems covering cooking applications. For example, support in cooking is provided for instance by Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa, whose knowledge of Miele products and the times needed for various foods to cook is growing at breakneck speed. Our cooking appliances can be controlled remotely using the Miele@mobile app. And here, too, we have new features at IFA.

What is the significance of IFA for Miele?

IFA is our most important tradeshow worldwide. It is here that we present our new products to consumers and also have the opportunity to reflect on issues close to our heart on a high-visibility global platform. We also look forward to intensifying our cordial relationship with our partners in the retail trade and exchanging views with them.

Photo: Dr Reinhard Zinkann Managing Director, MIELE