Stephan Pfeiffer is Head of Strategic Partnerships & Public Affairs at ioki, which aims to “provide a supplement to public transport – not to replace it”. His Shift Automotive address examined challenges facing city and rural public transport. We asked him how he thinks concepts of mobility are shifting.

Mobility will change significantly. Low-price mobility and sharing will be firmly established – both in rural and urban areas. And everything will become increasingly digital: apps will provide full transparency about existing offers and digital travel companions will influence the choice of mobility offers. In addition, mobility concepts will become more flexible, individualised, inexpensive and integrated. Even the first prototypes of autonomous vehicles will have found their place on the road by then, enabling flexible and individual mobility – fully automated. Motorised private transport currently accounts for over 80% of the total, with public transport providing the rest. But these two markets will merge in the future and integrated public transport will emerge.

What excites you the most about what we will be seeing in the future?

As a customer, I want seamless and painless public transport. Moreover, I’m very much looking forward to the impact autonomous vehicles will have on our lives.

Photo: Stefan Pfeiffer Head of Strategic Partnerships & Public Affairs, ioki