Bros & Company is at IFA Global Markets with Pout, a desk-organising system that includes products under the sub-brands: Eyes, Ears, Nose, Hands. The Eyes range includes aluminium laptop stands that appeal to Apple users. Ears are Bluetooth speakers and Hands include wireless charging mouse pads. The Nose series, meanwhile, includes an air purifier and humidifiers distinguished by their modern design.
The Pout range has been developed from the company’s social product development platform Pallo. An innovative online community, Pallo lets its members become inventors or participators by submitting ideas for products that Pallo should design, manufacture, and sell. Inventors who submit ideas (and participators who contribute) can share in royalties based on product revenues. The company was founded in Korea in 2013 by three friends who met in the military. They work with distributors in Hong Kong, Benelux, France, and Ukraine. However they are also looking for new partners.

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