An Austrian-based manufacturer of GPS pet tracking devices since 2012, Tractive’s motto is simple but effective: “To strengthen the bond between pets and their owners by leveraging technology to ensure a healthier, longer and safer life together.”

With several hundred thousand devices already sold according to founder and CEO Michael Hurnaus, Tractive is a world pet tracker market leader and sells its dog and cat devices across 150 markets, with a strong focus on Germany, the UK and France. Hurnaus presented the latest Tractive innovations at an IFA press conference, including the new Ikati GPS tracker for cats, which has an adaptable clip and fastening system for more flexibility than the original safety collar. The goal is “to bring pets and owners closer together,” said Hurnaus, who referred to glowing feedback from users who had been reunited with stray pets. Tractive stand at IFA 2019 as with the foundation GPS Dog device, the feline-focused Ikati GPS employs a live tracking app to deliver information on the real-time location of the cat so that it never strays too far. Users of the app can also install a “virtual fence” so that any cat venturing past this border will trigger a notification on the owner’s smartphone.

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