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This publication’s name “IFA INTERNATIONAL” is increasingly apt when it comes to describing the show. Especially this year. Why more now than before? Because for the third year in a row, more than half of all the trade visitors attending IFA came from outside of Germany. Added to this is the fact that media from 160 countries attended this year, and 2,800 of them were from outside Germany.

What does all this mean? Basically, it means there is no other consumer electronics and home appliances event of this kind on the planet bringing so many international trade visitors and press to one place. Added to that, we have the fact that IFA takes place at a crucial moment each year, when final purchase decisions are being made for stocking stores for the holiday season.

The advantages might seem obvious. This wasn’t always the case. Eight or ten years ago, one executive of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers questioned why IFA wasn’t held at the beginning of the year, when they had their product launches. We suggested that perhaps the product launches should be later in the year. While I would not think that it might stem from our conversation, it is interesting to note that nowadays most companies are having important product launches at this time, rather than at the beginning of the year. As was also so wisely pointed out by Mr Kamp of gfu (see page 20), not only will there be more “buzz” for the holiday season for these products, but the margins will be much higher.

All this just goes to underline the fact – yet again – that IFA is the right show, in the right place at the right time.