Launched in 2016, Conrad Connect now operates one of the fastest-growing smart living platforms in the world, enabling users to interconnect smart devices, apps and services from different brands on a single platform. At IFA Berlin, the company focused on promoting areas such as Smart Energy Management, Smart Home Automation and Smart Health and Fitness, as well as introducing its Conrad Connect Business Solutions.

Head of Marketing Giorgi Jashiashvili said: “IFA gave us the right audience. It was the right place to be.”

According to Jashiashvili, the main traffic at the weekend was general show visitors while Monday and Tuesday was more about talking to trade partners. “We put a lot of energy into showcasing our b2b solutions and explaining how partners could grow with us. We’re really happy with potential partners we met at IFA. It is important for platforms like Conrad Connect to get critical mass – and we had the right audience across the show”.

Photo: Giorgi Jashiashvili, Head of Marketing, Conrad Connect