Holland-based DesignNest is a one- stop platform for designers to launch their products in stores worldwide. It helps to fund, engineer, manufacture, market and distribute innovative tech – and ght copycats. An affiliate of the Allocacoc tech gadget brand already established at IFA for three years, DesignNest debuted its coinnovations among upcoming brands at IFA Next in 2019.

Among the fruits of its “world’s first and only end-to-end product design platform” is a coin-operated high-design lamp conceived by a Colombian designer that is pitched at children. “We helped him from the beginning making the product and developing the pricing strategy to producing the product and now we are here selling it,” said Jose Genoves, Product Manager at DesignNest.

He told IFA International that IFA NEXT had been an opportunity to meet with design associations from several countries and to initiate collaborations with design institutions like the Technical University of Berlin. DesignNest has also been able to offer startups with existing products at IFA NEXT help with sales and distribution. “We really want to make design universal and affordable for everybody,” said Genoves.

Photo: Jose Genoves, Product Manager, DesignNest