Lancey Energy Storage made their IFA debut in 2019, bringing the first smart, connected, battery-powered clean- energy heater to the “Edge of Innovation” think tank, IFA NEXT. Set with the aim of “democratising” energy storage with a smart radiator that embeds a lithium battery and an energy management system that feeds in power from solar PV cells in the home, for example, or off-peak green energy from the grid.

And according to Lancey CEO and founder Raphaël Meyer, heating emits more greenhouse gases than transport in Europe, making the Lancey battery heater a potentially integral part of the transition to clean energy.

Germany and the UK, leading adopters of renewable energy, offer key growth potential for Lancey, hence the company’s presence at IFA, Meyer told IFA International. “We’re very satis ed,” he said at the show alongside Marie Poulle, Lancey’s Director of Marketing and Communication. “We have met with distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, and journalists,” Meyer added, saying he hopes to consolidate these contacts in the coming weeks. The Grenoble-based French startup also noted the signi cance of the “consumer-oriented” nature of the IFA show.

Photo: Raphaël Meyer, CEO and founder, Lancey & Marie Poulle, Director of Marketing and Communication, Lancey