One of the longest-established in the home appliances business, Germany’s Miele was at IFA with the largest product launch programme in its 120-year history. We started by asking Dr Reinhard Zinkann, Miele’s Executive Director and Co-Proprietor about key industry trends.

The mega trend, undoubtedly, is the issue of connectivity as more and more domestic appliances are communication-enabled. We have already reached the stage where more than half of Miele’s new built- in appliances are connectivity- enabled.

What were the Miele highlights at IFA?

Products launched at IFA by Miele included Generation 7000, our new built-in series, which is the biggest product launch in the company’s history and the TriFlex vacuum cleaner.
We are due to start producing the TriFlex in October and 80% of the forecast that we had in mind to give German retailers – for the October to December period – was sold by the end of the first day of IFA.

What are the key technologies used in Generation 7000?

All our plants were involved in Generation 7000; it was four or five year process and there are a huge number of products in the range. Feedback on Generation 7000 has been very positive, not only for special highlights like the camera in the oven, the door that opens automatically and the finishing programme that means you don’t overcook, but it’s got many other details. Miele is the only manufacturer on the market with a camera in a pyrolytic oven.

What are your thoughts on this year’s IFA?

IFA has strengthened its position as the world’s most significant trade show for home appliances and made a positive contribution to the market development.

Photo: Dr Reinhard Zinkann, Executive Director and Co-Proprietor, Miele