Singaporean startup Pundi X debuted at IFA with a showcase of next generation blockchain devices and the response was positive. “We have made some good connections with software companies, phone companies and distributors,” Peko Wan, Pundi X Vice-President, told IFA International about interest in its unique point-of-sale device, the XPOS, that seamlessly facilitates transactions with crypto-currencies across borders, and the BOB blockchain smartphone.

But on the whole, the emerging and relatively untried technology meant that many IFA visitors still had “to be educated about blockchain”, said Wan.

According to Wa, several potential clients drove hours across Europe for the rare chance to see the leading edge blockchain devices in action. “We even had a buyer who came to our booth and asked what is this, I want to buy it now,” Wan said. The fact that the blockchain phone – which ensures secure and decentralised data transmission – and XPOS devices could be tested by IFA visitors for the first time helped take some of the mystery out of the upcoming “crypto” technology which, judging by the success of Bitcoin, has massive growth potential.

Photo: Peko Wan, Vice-President, Pundi X