What is the future of mobility? At IFA 2019, the Shift Automotive sessions were the place where start-ups, technology giants, automobile manufacturers and urban planners were able to meet and explore the big themes set to in uence transport in the decades to come.

“This revolution is coming,” said Owen Gaffney, global sustainability writer and analyst at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, in his address. “We have to make sure it drives us to a sustainable path,” he added. It was a view echoed by many speakers.
Venkat Sumantran, Chairman, Celeris Technologies, explained that “Nations all over realise something has got to change when it comes to mobility. We have to find smarter ways.”
Tamy Ribeiro was direct in her choice of words. “Thrive, adapt, or die,” the Head of Partnerships at Wunder Mobility said, noting that many companies feared change. She warned that as future generations evolve, those rms will fall behind. Claire Jones of What3Words identified a need for a more intuitive method of location-finding. “We want to take the power of GPS components and make them work for voice,” she said. The What3Words app utilises three word location addresses that are more accurate and better for voice recognition devices.
Perhaps Boyd Cohen best summed up the discussion. “We see our cities seeking new solutions,” said the CEO & Co-founder, iomob. “Micro mobility is here to stay and micro mobility is a critical part of our travel system. We need these solutions in our cities”