Küchenhaus Altstadt is a full-service business, not only selling kitchens, but also offering consulting, planning, and installation services to the historic region of Altmark in Saxony-Anhalt. We asked Managing Director Sebastian Ende to tell us more about supplying technology to local communities…

We were mainly at IFA to find more partners to work with and to expand our range, but it’s also wonderful to see what’s coming out in the near future, such as multi-functional ovens and CookView cameras.

What have you most liked seeing at IFA?

I really enjoyed visiting the Siemens stand and discovering their new products, also because we already do a lot of work together. From their display, I most enjoyed the cooker hood that you can adjust to improve extraction from the stovetop, and I can see that being popular for customers in our area.

Are there any special challenges associated with trading in towns or smaller cities? Do you feel that big cities are more advantaged when it comes to exposure to the latest technology?

Not really. We’re small, but we are also the centrepoint for all the villages in the Altmark region — it’s all about perspective. One idiosyncrasy of living in Germany is that when renters and buyers move into a property, be it a at or a house, they must provide their own kitchen.

Do you work mostly with local manufacturers or big names?

I would say it’s roughly equal. As mentioned before, we source a great deal of our stock from household names like Siemens, but we also collaborate with Burger Küchenmöbel, which is based in Saxony-Anhalt like us.

Photo: Sebastian Ende, Managing Director, Küchenhaus Altstadt GmbH