Cars of the future will be much more than modes of transportation, gradually evolving to become “homes away from home”. This, at least, is the vision of MXT lab, jointly founded by Fraunhofer IAO and McKinsey. At Shift Automotive this year, Sebastian Stegmüller, who heads Mobility Innovation at Fraunhofer IAO, outlined work in the new innovation lab. We asked him to tell our readers more:

The MXT Lab initiative is not only a think tank but has also a physical home at the Mobility Innovation Lab – a laboratory located at Fraunhofer’s Center for Virtual Engineering at Stuttgart. It is a research facility for prototyping, product and service evaluations as well as for ideation workshops. Further, it provides an insight into the mobility of tomorrow featuring, among other things, vehicles that interact with pedestrians or hint at the future of city mobility. Part of the idea of the MXT Lab is to create a network of industry partners to collaborate on new mobility solutions. Together with my team, my job is to look at the ideas that are emerging, and determine which technologies, services and business models could catch on.

What are the end goals of the research?

We are attempting to create a founded basis for lucrative business models and technologies. This targets not only automotive manufacturers and suppliers, but companies from the entertainment, service and IT sectors as well. We and our partners have also taken care to bring on board businesses, municipalities and other stakeholders. The network remains open to any companies wishing to be involved with the MXT Lab. Just reach out if you are interested.

Photo: Sebastian Stegmüller, Mobility Innovation Dept., Fraunhofer IAO