At Shift Automotive, Richard Seale, Lead Automotive Designer at Seymourpowell, gave a fascinating talk about “Bringing Autonomous Mobility to Life With VR”. IFA International asked him to outline the themes in his presentation:

Supported by visualisations and stories behind the automotive vehicle concepts from Seymourpowell, I shared a snapshot of how we think autonomy could manifest itself, looking at vehicles, but also touching on the broader consumer landscape, infrastructure, and wider effects this technology will have on our lives. In addition – I also showcased some of the new design tools built in house at Seymourpowell.

Could you tell us about your work in automotive design?

I naturally bring an automotive point of view to the transport projects we work on, but from my design experience outside automotive – I also bring a wider design knowledge and influence to the automotive projects that come into our studio. I firmly believe that lessons learnt in one design sector are valuable in others. Over the last few years I have also led the creation of RealityWorks (our Automotive VR design tool), technology that has transformed our transport design work flow.

How do you see the future of mobility?

EVs are getting cheaper and more mainstream. Autonomy is starting to happen. The technology will bubble up from underneath. Intelligent cruise control, automatic braking/parking are now the norm on mid-range executive car. We will see many more features added and eventually all the gaps will be filled and the steering wheel will become obsolete. What is perhaps more interesting are the cultural shifts we’re seeing towards preference of access over ownership.

Photo: Richard Seale, Lead Automotive Designer, Seymourpowel