IFA 2020 Global Press Conference moves to September

IFA has moved its Global Press Conference, which usually takes place in April, to September, and turned it into this year’s Global Showcase for Innovation and Technology.

The Global Press Conference will invite around 800 journalists covering 50+ countries to Berlin, so brands and manufacturers will be able to show journalists their latest products and devices.

All keynotes and company press conferences will take place on just two or three keynote stages curated by IFA. This keeps the numbers down for the on-site production staff and ensures that the highest hygiene standards are observed both on stage and in the seating area for media.

In addition to company press conferences, industry partners will have the chance to create smart company and brand presentations for interviews and further talks with media representatives.

For journalists, this will be the most efficient way this year yet to cover the technology stories their audiences are interested in; it’s their first opportunity after the beginning of the pandemic to see all of this year’s innovation and new products all in one place, and they can organise face-to-face interviews with the spokespeople for brands.

The opening keynote for this year’s IFA will be delivered by Cristiano Amon, the President of Qualcomm, a company that is the undisputed global leader in mobile connectivity.

Qualcomm’s president says he is looking forward to giving the keynote and addressing the importance of connectivity during these unprecedented times. Mr Amon will speak about the company’s latest developments in 5G, AI and other key technologies that will drive the future of the Internet and deliver the devices and capabilities the world needs.

Photo – top of page – Cristiano Amon, President of Qualcomm, at IFA 2019