IFA 2020 Special Edition Sneak Peek

A round-up of some of the coolest new products on display at this year’s show

Deep One presents a “Wearable Subwoofer” for gaming, music and home cinema

The “wearable for immersive sound” lets user feel basses similar to the feeling in a night club or concert but silent for other people. Family and neighbours will not be disturbed. Users can dive into their entertainment through deep body sound haptics.
– Gaming, Music, Movie, VR

Key selling points:

  • Feel the bass without disturbing neighbours
  • Cool Design
  • German manufacturer

Hall A, CityCube / 111


ReSound ONE – Individualised hearing aids

ReSound ONE is at IFA as an entirely new class of hearing aids offering a truly individualised hearing experience and the best sound quality for every user. Just like a fingerprint, each person’s hearing is unique. Yet the most commonly worn hearing aids use a standardised approach modelled on an “average ear”, which can often compromise sound quality. ReSound ONE is a breakthrough that gives each user a solution individualised precisely to their own hearing anatomy.

Key selling points:

  • 150 years’ experience of Copenhagen-based company
  • Individualised hearing experience
  • Streamlined design

Hall 1.2 / 207


ProfiCare brand launches high-spec air purifier

Based in Kempen in North Rhine-Westphalia, ProfiCare is launching the Comfort air purifier (PC-LR 3083) for a “pleasant room climate”.

The device features a 4-fold filter system, ion function and APD sensor, enabling it to clean rooms up to 60 sq m without chemical additives. WiFi control means users can easily operate the unit via their home wireless system or via the Internet when they’re on the go.
The app not only gives information on air quality, but users can also control all functions directly at the swipe of a finger on their smartphone or tablet.

The 4-fold filter system is made up of a washable pre-filter, a HEPA filter, an activated carbon filter and a catalytic filter. It also features air pollution detection and a switchable ion function, for fresh, electrostatically neutral air.

Key selling points:

  • Four-phase filtering
  • German branding
  • Whisper quiet operation



Meater: High-tech meets culinary at IFA 2020 Special Edition

Together with the dedicated app, Meater, the smart meat thermometer from Apption Labs, allows users to achieve superb cooking results every time, completely cable-free. The high-end probe is equipped with a Bluetooth connection, permanently measuring the internal and external temperature of the meat, guiding the user though the cooking process step by step through the intuitive Meater App. The app constantly provides information on the cooking status of the meat, right up to the recommended resting phase, to ensure juicy results.

Key selling points:

  • Makes cooking meat child’s play
  • The app helps users at all points along the way
  • Available in three versions – from entry level to premium

Hall A, CityCube / 125