Another year, but not JUST another keynote

IFA Keynote 2019 – Cristiano Amon

Qualcomm’s IFA 2020 presentation highlights the role of technology in a Covid-19 world 

Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon is again addressing an IFA keynote this year. But much has happened since the last edition. We asked him to give us a foretaste of what we’ll see this time.

We want to emphasise the key role technology and innovation play in our lives today – especially during these unprecedented times. In just a few months, everyone has come to see the importance of connectivity in their daily lives, and in doing so validated many of the future use cases of 5G and other emerging technologies. Mobile technologies, led by 5G and AI, are powering new devices, delivering more immersive experiences and connecting everything to the cloud. Combined, this will enable new capabilities that will drive growth and make for a more resilient economy and society. Qualcomm is proud to be working with the broader ecosystem as it answers this important call to innovate to address current needs and future opportunities.

Just where are we up to with the roll-out of 5G?
Since 5G launched last year, there are 80 commercial 5G networks in 40 countries around the globe, with over 300 more investing in the technology. Millions of people are already using 5G phones. We expect more than 1 billion 5G connections by 2023 – reaching that milestone two years faster than 4G.

There are hundreds of products launched or in development using our technology based on Qualcomm’s portfolio of 5G solutions.

5G is also gaining momentum beyond smartphones. It’s rapidly expanding worldwide and permeating new segments and industries, such as the PC and enterprise, healthcare, factories and more.

What are you personally most excited about when it comes to 5G?
I am excited that Qualcomm is helping deliver the technologies driving the future of the internet. The opportunity will be significant for nearly every sector once 5G is broadly deployed. According to the updated 5G economy report from IHS Markit, advancements in the enterprise, extended reality (XR), artificial intelligence (AI), the Industrial Internet of things (IIoT), and more are on the horizon. The innovations 5G enables in these fields will not only enrich our lives, but also significantly boost our global economy. IHS Markit estimates that 5G will enable US$13.2tn (€11.09tn) in global sales enablement by 2035. Additionally, the global 5G value chain is expected to generate US$3.6tn (€3.02tn) in economic output by 2035, while supporting 22.3 million jobs.

I’m also excited about the possibilities that 5G opens up, particularly in the areas of entertainment – I will be making a very exciting announcement during my speech at IFA.

Many people told us it would not be possible to use mmWave for mobile. We proved them wrong.

The deployment of mmWave for mobile broadband is another exciting development. Many people told us it would not be possible to use mmWave for mobile. We proved them wrong. We’re talking about spectrum bands above 24 GHz. Spectrum is abundant at these high frequencies and can support extreme data speeds and capacity that will reshape the mobile experience. These bands are highly complex, but Qualcomm solved those problems and right now, 120 operators are working on rolling out mmWave to deliver amazing new experiences. 5G really has the potential to positively affect all of us, across the full cross-section of society.

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