Life’s good from home

LG Electronics CTO, Dr I.P. Park talks to IFA International about key trends in 2020

LG Electronics will host a “Life’s Good from Home” theme at IFA 2020, where the company will explore new possibilities for enhancing home living which has become so crucial in recent unprecedented times. We asked the company’s CTO, Dr I.P. Park to tell us more in the run up to his presentation at IFA 2020.

As always, we’ll be delivering key consumer values through innovations that cultivate our lives both at home and beyond, and hope to embody the company’s exciting vision for how people’s lives are going to transform for the better in the future.

Today you will unveil your response to the “new normal.” Can you give us a taste of what’s to come?
The new normal presents a new set of circumstances under which LG’s innovations can facilitate real change for consumers all over the world. Lockdown has amplified the importance and function of the home, while social distancing has us finding new ways to connect with each other. To meet such challenges, LG’s mission as a lifestyle innovator resonates stronger than ever before, and we hope to shine a light on how LG’s innovative products and technology work seamlessly together to deliver the best experiences to date while contributing to comfort and sustainability.

The new normal presents a new set of circumstances under which LG’s innovations can facilitate real change for consumers the world over.

What “qualities” is LG underlining with its latest innovations?
SAFETY always comes first, which is why we are committed to providing solutions that ensure safer living, like our LG Styler’s True Steam technology and advanced healthcare technologies employing AI. CONVENIENCE comes next, and with our advanced technologies growing smarter and more multifunctional by the day, LG’s devices and appliances more than meet the needs of today’s consumer. We also focus on the growingly influential digital transformation, and look to leverage this by providing remote solutions from fashion to healthcare for greater accessibility and ease. Finally, our technologies offer immersive sound and picture quality that maximise ENTERTAINMENT wherever you may be. We will convey our key consumer values through advanced technologies both for inside and outside the home, solutions that serve consumers in new ways that adapt to the new normal.

What are LG’s main strengths?
Our strengths not only lie within our consumer appliance expertise, but within our unparalleled drive for innovation too. By continuing our research on human-centric designs, AI, and the new ways tech can better lives, we hope to deliver integrated intelligent platforms for seamless user experiences. With our knowhow in both B2C and B2B solutions, LG’s wide portfolio enables it to take a holistic approach for never-before-seen intelligent living.

The rapidly growing Smart home and AI product markets are thriving, and we understand LG’s ThinQ app will become a key component of the brand; can you elaborate?
The ThinQ app is an integrated platform providing users with enhanced connections to all their smart LG products and services. It makes achieving tasks with maximum efficiency and minimal worries and hassle possible, and acts as the interface of our intelligent platform that expands across the entirety of LG’s value system. Ultimately, the app builds an evolving, connected and open ecosystem of smart products and services that enhances the user’s daily life.

What is another LG ThinQ feature illustrating LG’s intelligent living?
Our latest Proactive Customer Care leverages AI and big data to let users monitor their smart appliances with supreme ease. It hands the user timely alerts for pre-emptive actions and lends a hand when it comes to maintaining an appliance’s best performance. We are extremely proud of how this service allows a new type of proactive connection with consumers that serves their needs better.

With our knowhow in both B2C and B2B solutions, LG’s wide portfolio enables it to take a holistic approach for never-before-seen intelligent living.

What are your thoughts on IFA’s decision to hold a “real” show this year (albeit limited in scale)?
With many global events cancelled, postponed or made online-exclusive, IFA has managed to create a fantastic platform for consumer electronics companies to showcase their latest innovations amid a rising need for hands-on experiences and human connections. We’re extremely confident IFA will create a safe environment without sacrificing too much immersion, and are truly thankful for all their efforts. We hope to deliver an equally immersive and innovative experience with our own take on the live press conference.


LG Electronics has continued its long history of success at the EISA Awards with four of LG’s innovative home entertainment solutions being honoured for superior performance, outstanding design and maximum usability this year.

Organised by the Expert Imaging and Sound Association (EISA), the world’s largest consumer electronics editorial organisation, recognition at this year’s competition went to LG OLED TV (model OLED65GX), LG NanoCell TV (model 75NANO99), LG Soundbar (model SN8YG) and LG XBOOM Go (model PL7).

LG Gallery TV was named EISA Best Premium OLED TV 2020-2021, making this the ninth consecutive time that an LG OLED TV has won an award in the Home Theatre Display & Video Category.

LG’s “stars” at this year’s EISA awards

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Photo: Dr I.P. Park, LG Electronics CTO