Global Fairs TT-Messe: Sustainability is more important than ever

This year’s IFA is very different for everyone, none the least for regular IFA partners, Global Fairs TT-Messe, organisers of the annual “Reseller Park” and sustainability conference. We asked Managing Director, Jan Nintemann, what he’s doing that’s different. 

Due to the Coronavirus regulations, an event with crowds – otherwise a guarantee for a successful trade fair – is not possible at this IFA 2020 special edition. I therefore find it extremely commendable and worthy of imitation that Messe Berlin, together with gfu, is doing real pioneering work here. “Coronavirus fairs” will probably be around for a whole year or until a vaccine is finally available, but in economic terms, we cannot afford to completely do without physical marketplaces, which represent the platform and the decisive impulses for our future business or our business and actions for such a long time.
The pandemic is changing the world so rapidly that we should and must use the time now to face the challenges and issues of the post-corona period and prepare for them. So we tried to bring the content-related aspects of economy and society and the resulting influence to the fore by implementing a continuation of the “Studio Sustainability Conference on the sidelines of the IFA”, so to speak, as a 2nd edition. In turn, it is about climate change and the resulting requirements in the tech industries – a necessity that applies to all industries. Under the motto: “Sustainability through digitisation”, we are contrasting climate change with digital topics that are, to a certain extent, suitable for reducing CO2 emissions – using SmartHome, SmartBuilding and SmartCity. This is because the world of buildings leaves an even bigger CO2 print than the entire world of cars, where a lot has changed in the past 5 years. At this special IFA we are therefore realising the conference alongside a thematically coordinated small exhibition area in the entrance area of ​​the CityCube.

CityCube Level ZE1

 Sustainability Conference
 3-4 Sept, 10:00-17:00
 CityCube, Level 3, Room 3

Photo : Jan Nintemann, Global Fairs TT-Messe