Major new offerings from Haier Group

Built-in, premium, intuitive… and increasingly digital – a whole lot to discover at IFA

The Haier Group is present at this year’s IFA with a number of big product announcements. We asked European CEO Yannick Fierling what’s at the heart of their offering.

IFA is a unique opportunity for Haier to present the best of our cutting-edge technologies and innovation. This is even truer given the unprecedented times we’ve all been living in. We’ve never stopped designing and creating to delight our consumers with our products and brands, with absolute previews being showcased here in Berlin.

The launch of an entirely new built-in offer for Haier with a series of new features for the refrigeration and wine coolers range, is aimed to bring the brand’s premiumness, high quality and sophisticated design to the kitchen, with artificial intelligence at the core of this proposition.

Candy follows its path to smartness with a new and intuitive washing machine, NOVA, fully developed thanks to consumers’ habits and delivered to simplify everyday life with smart functions and a typical Italian style.

As per Hoover, we are pleased to introduce here at IFA the first “3in1” well-being ecosystem, interconnected into Hoover ranges and designed for a healthier home living.

We’re glad to be here and have supported this year’s edition of IFA which will definitely be memorable

What about the integration of Haier and Candy?
After 18 months, the process is almost complete and it is already bringing important results, as we’re the fastest growing company in Europe. Undoubtedly, the integration has been a great success with the deployment of the multi-brand strategy, the setup of a cross-selling process and the focus on IOT and connectivity to empower user experience. In this regard, we’re happy to launch here hOn, a single and centralised digital platform able to control and manage appliances of all our brands. Several challenges and opportunities are still ahead of us and we’re confident we have the right people and culture to address them: the entrepreneurial spirit which is at the core of the company’s culture allows us to be close to the markets, business partners and consumers, pursuing Haier’s goal of “Zero Distance with the Consumer” and our vision to become first consumer choice in smart home in Europe and among the top 3 leaders by 2023.

How is the “Haier Smart Home” project evolving?
We are proceeding at a fast pace in the implementation of this project, that represents one of the fundamental pillars of our strategy.
“Haier Smart Home” reflects not only our company and brand positioning but, most importantly, our philosophy: it’s about a change in paradigm, from a product, a concept to a seamless scenario experience. We’ve transformed from a traditional manufacturing company into a co-creation and win-win IoT community ecosystem.

What are your thoughts about IFA’s decision to create a “real” show this year, despite all the difficulties involved?
We appreciate the efforts by the organisation to pull together all relevant stakeholders despite the unprecedented times and unfavourable conditions. This really gives a sense of optimism and forward-looking spirit, which is at the core of our industry and business. We’re glad to be here and support this year’s edition of IFA which will definitely be memorable!

Haier Press Conference 
TODAY 15:00 – 15:45 
Conference Room 42


Last year, jointly with China Mobile and Huawei, Haier inaugurated the first AI+5G interconnection factory in Qingdao, to seize the opportunity for creating a world-class Internet ecological brand.
The company also opened in Russia the first real-time manufacturing facility aiming to produce tailor-made laundry appliances connecting the customer with the factory throughout the whole manufacturing process.
The model leverages IoT and AI applications, generating efficiency, manufacturing savings and granting a sustainable competitive advantage.
The same approach is being adopted to our upcoming new factories in Turkey and Romania, which will be manufacturing respectively dryers and refrigerators.