Meet the new WT1 models


Revealed at IFA:
New washer-dryers from Miele are faster and more convenient than ever before

Fans of washer-dryers don’t just value their multi-talented appliances because of the space they save – they also appreciate the convenience and the time-savings, such as the fact that there’s no need to reload and start a different appliance once the wash cycle has finished. But Miele’s new WT1 generation takes it one step further.

Depending on the model, up to nine kilograms of laundry can be washed and six kilograms can be washed and dried in one go – ideal for families and anywhere handling large volumes of laundry.

Wash and dry individual items in under an hour
Miele has introduced a new function that enables individual items to be washed and dried efficiently. If consumers want to wear their favourite items of clothing again without having to wait ages, here too, Miele offers a quick and convenient solution: depending on the programme, the new “Single Wash&Dry” option allows even individual items of laundry to be washed and dried quickly and in an environmentally friendly manner. Combined with the “Shirts”, “Delicates” or “Minimum iron” programmes, the garment is ready to wear again in less than an hour – and there’s no need to wait until one has a pile of laundry or to feel guilty about the environmental impact.

Smart aids for optimum time and hygiene management
To find out when the garment is done, the user can simply take a look at the Miele app. Or for even more convenience, they can simply ask Amazon Alexa. All new washer-dryers are now network-enabled as a standard feature. Further smart highlights are already available or will follow this year:

  • Even after the programme has started, AddLoad allows items to be placed in the washer-dryer or taken out again right up to the end of the wash process, simply by using the regular door. AddLoad can be controlled either at the appliance or via the Miele app.
  • The CareAssistant enables the Anti-crease settings to be extended – a useful feature if one is delayed getting home and cannot empty the machine straight away. Instead of running the standard settings of 30 minutes for washing or 150 minutes for drying, Anti-crease can be set in 30-minute intervals up to a maximum of 240 minutes instead. With crease protection, the drum continues to move in a certain rhythm after completion of the actual programme to prevent creasing.
  • If the programme is taking much longer than initially announced, the TimeAssistant passes this information on to the user. Particularly when drying, the actual running time is often difficult to predict.
  • The HygieneAssistant notifies the user when machine cleaning is recommended. If they wish, users can start the cleaning programme straight away directly from the app. In addition, the hygiene status can be called up in the app at any time.

Naturally, the new models also come equipped with proven features such as the quick and eco-friendly PowerWash technique along with the QuickPower Wash&Dry programme, which enables four kilograms of laundry to be washed and dried in under three hours. Similarly, there is also the unique TwinDos automatic dispensing function which uses up to 30% less detergent than manual dispensing. Sales are due to commence in certain countries from October.


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Miele Press Conference : Friday 4 September 9:45 am
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Miele yet again takes a big step forward at IFA

Gernot Trettenbrein, Director of Miele’s Domestic Appliances International business unit, says the German manufacturer’s new washer-dryers are faster, more convenient and even smarter than ever:

“The new models come equipped with smart networking features for maximum comfort and best time management.”

“With this appliance, Miele is convincingly responding to the wish of many customers for as much capacity as possible also on the washer-dryer”