Morning Briefing by Jens Heithecker – Welcome to the (new) real world

We are opening IFA today with keynote from Qualcomm… and this is for a very good reason. We have seen, during these pandemic times, how important the digital industry can be. We often talk about the relevance of Teams or other conference software, we are talking about online retail and so many other things. But we forget about the importance of the components industry, and how relevant it is as a backbone – making all this possible. I am really happy that with Qualcomm’s President, Cristiano Amon, we have one of the leading innovators in this field, helping bring the world together. I am really curious what new technology he will be showing us on stage, and hearing about the most recent experiences.

The way people have been using the internet and mobile technologies is evolving extremely rapidly because of the Covid crisis. It’s been unprecedented compared to half a year ago. At IFA, with IFA NEXT and SHIFT Mobility, you will learn all about the “new mobility”. When we talked about new mobility ideas in the recent past, we saw some “funky” solutions. But in this time of pandemic, we have come to the realisation that there are many challenges to be solved that are much more important than just having a toy. For this, we are bringing people together on the stage, for SHIFT Mobility, not only from the car manufacturing side, but also from the digital side, along with thought leaders who are looking at alternatives to current modes of transport. They will be discussing what really matters for the future, projecting real changes that will benefit the world.

We are convinced that the richness of the content at this year’s IFA Special Edition will be an essential element in helping the industry weather the storm and head in the right direction.