Home Appliances – a “sweet spot”

People have spent a much larger amount of their time at home this year than usual. We asked Roland Hagenbucher, Managing Director, Siemens Home Appliances, what impact this is having on demand for home appliances.

Demand has risen significantly – we can see that in our sales figures. At the same time, the results of a current study by the Zukunftsinstitut (Future Institute) indicate that this development will continue. 20% of the total population want to invest in their kitchens in the forseeable future, and even 30% of city dwellers, which means every third person.

As the number 1 built-in appliance brand in Europe, we particularly benefit from the new appreciation for our own four walls. According to the study, 72% of city dwellers think a tidy apartment is important. This promotes the demand for smart built-in solutions and devices that disappear again after use, such as our new glassDraft Air. This trend was also there before Coronavirus, but it will continue. The experience of the past few months has intensified again, because if you spend a lot of time at home, the kitchen will of course gain tremendous importance. Today, 55% of those questioned say that high-quality cuisine gives them a better attitude towards life.

20% of the total population want to invest in their kitchens in the forseeable future (…)

What are the current trends in the field of major appliances?
The focus is clearly on smart home appliances that make everyday life easier – the added value of intelligent technologies and networking have proven themselves especially in the last few months – whether while cooking or already shopping, thanks to large refrigerators with freshness-keeping systems. But the topic of design has also increased in importance in the kitchen – the kitchen is a status symbol that has to meet ever higher demands on aesthetics and functionality.


Photo: Roland Hagenbucher, Managing Director, Siemens Home Appliances