OiSHi mobile air cleaner features electrostatic filter and negative ion technology


The portable OiSHi air purifier sports a bespoke high-performance electrostatic filter, stopping even the tiniest particles, even to a the size of a virus (0.1μm).

It is part of the Ataraina range by Creative Technology from Japan. Thanks to the negative ions, even the smallest dust particles, pollen or other tiny particles in the air are swept away by the electrostatic filter. A fan inside the device provides clean fresh air, ready to breathe. In contrast to HEPA filters, the functionality is not affected by external factors such as high humidity.

The unit is very light (85g) including the filter, so users can wear it on their neck.

As an additional function, the OiSHi offers the option of inserting aromatic tablets. Thus, not only purified air is emitted, but also a pleasant scent.

Key selling points:

  • Electrostatic technology
  • Filters even the tiniest particles
  • Emits pleasant aromas


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Ataraina Press Conference:
Saturday 5 September 10:15 am
Conference Room 3.2