2020 IFA Product Technology Innovation Award winners unveiled


Global consumer electronics industry to gather pace, spurred by consumption upgrade

As the industry reaches an inflection point due to the global health crisis, the 2020 IFA Product Technology Innovation Award (IFA-PTIA) winners have been announced, representing important product technology innovations, and identifying key trends of the global electronics industry.

8K and QLED TVs are taking centre stage, healthy home appliances are achieving explosive growth, small home appliances are registering strong growth despite a weak market environment, and wearable devices are booming again.

The 2020 IFA-PTIA presented a total of 19 awards, going to 14 brands including Siemens, Samsung, Midea, Panasonic, BOE, Electrolux, CHiQ, Honor, Sony, LG, Philips, De’Longhi, iRobot and Tecno in recognition of their ground-breaking technology, design or applications in products.

China-based global consumer electronics brands have continued to be at the forefront of innovation of the industry. Midea wins the “Smart Kitchen Solutions Gold Award” for its new Ifamily kitchen system and “User Experience Innovation Product Gold Award” for its Air Conditioning KFR-35GW/BP3DN8Y-XT100(1); Honor wins “High-performance Innovative Laptop Gold Award” for its MagicBook Pro and “Outdoor Innovation Wearable Gold Award” for its Watch GS Pro; BOE wins “Innovative Display Technology Gold Award” for its Flexible OLED Full-screen Display; CHiQ wins “Design Innovation TV Gold Award” for its 75Q7ART 8K; and Tecno wins “Camera Technology Innovation Smartphone Gold Award” for its Camon 16 Premier.

Over the years, the IFA Product Technology Innovation Award will continue to track global consumer electronics products, empowering the development of the industry.

Midea’s latest air conditioner range adopts the 180-degree rotating air duct technology which, coupled with a large circulating air volume, solves a range of pain points such as narrow air sweeping range, high temperature in areas which cold air cannot reach, sleep mode leading to high temperature,
and noisiness of other modes.

The Midea Ifamily system: stove, ventilator and dishwasher, boasting intelligent features and also working in linkage with each other. All the Midea products can be connected and controlled via the Midea Smart Home Meiju app, delivering a digital intelligent kitchen.

The new 16.1-inch AMD Ultrabook, Honor MagicBook Pro AMD-powered excels in performance: with a sleek wedge-shaped trendy design and ultra-thin-bezel display, the laptop is light and portable, measuring 369mm x 234mm x 16.9mm and weighing only 1.7kg.

The HONOR Watch GS Pro, which is crowned with this year’s IFA-PTIA “Outdoor Innovation Wearable Gold Award”, is positioned as a professional smart GPS sports watch which packs an abundance of highly desirable features, including 25-day ultra-long battery life, ruggedized design, certification with 14 military standards, and 100 sports modes, which garnered it a lot of attention even before launch.

The Panasonic JX2 Series is known for high-concentration nanoeX purification technology that not only actively purifies the air, kills numerous viruses including coronavirus, but also removes bacteria as well as common household odours, as well as efficiently decomposing harmful substances of PM2.5. At the same time, the automatic dust-exhausting cleaning robot cleans and prevents mildew from the source and ensure the air is always fresh.

LG 27GN950 is a latest flagship gaming monitor, featuring a Nano IPS screen with 4K resolution, DCI-P3 coverage of 98%, 10bit colour depth, a screen refresh rate of 144Hz, and a grayscale response time of 1ms (GTG). In recent years, IPS has become a preferred choice for many consumers looking for screens with powerful all-around performance.

De’Longhi D3G SB has keenly captured the aspirations of the new generation of young consumers for coffee machines and pioneered the TBOI De’Longhi mellowly extracted iced coffee technology. D3G can make not only traditional coffee that previous models do, but also up to 20 kinds of summer special drinks.