A revolutionary solution for smelly shoes

For those tired of stinky shoes, Creative Technology from Japan has developed a solution thanks to to its own brand ataraina.

More than 30 years of research and production in the semiconductor industry form the background of this brand, which aims to make everyday life easier with the help of electrostatic technology.

Thanks to Deodorant One, ataraina now provides the solution for bad smelling shoes:

The user simply inserts the device into the shoe and presses the button. After only 15 minutes, up to 90% of the bacteria in the shoe, which are originally responsible for the bad smell, are eliminated. It is also effective against Trichophyton, the cause of athlete’s foot.

The principle behind Deodorant One is the “radical sheet”, which produces ozone and ions that break down odour particles and bacteria. UV rays, which are well known for sterilising shoes, are effective only on the sections exposed to light, but Deodorant One has an effect on the entire shoe’s innersole.

Key selling points:

  • Effective on entire interior of shoe
  • Bespoke ozone technology
  • Environmentally friendly


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Ataraina Press Conference :
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