New “powerful and weatherproof” portable speakers launched by Audio Pro

Swedish speaker manufacturer Audio Pro has announced the launch of a new “powerful, portable and rain-resistant speaker” – the A15.

According to Audio Pro, in the growing market for multi-room speakers, there has been an increase in demand for products that not only work well within the home, but also deliver crisp sound when placed in the garden and other outdoor spaces.

To do this, you need portable products that can withstand the weather and extensive usage, the company says. Arriving in March, the A15 will come with a fabric-covered front that has previously featured on the A10, G10, A26 and A36.

The A15 offers three different multi-room systems; AirPlay 2, Google Cast and Audio Pro’s own multi-room system. This means that the speaker can be connected in a system with other AirPlay 2 and Google Cast-compatible speakers.

The battery promises 11 full hours of quality sound at half volume level, Audio Pro claims, while, for loud parties with full volume on the speaker, the battery is said to last just over eight hours.

Jens Henriksen, CCO at Audio Pro, said: “Our customers have shown an increasing interest in products that can be carried out into the garden and withstand rainwater. And the long battery life that we have been well-known for on our previously portable products, of course, creates an expectation from our customers that we want to continue to meet. A15 is our latest product that manages to meet all three needs.

“With our products, you tailor-make your own personal multi-room system, and choose from different sizes and looks based on the character of that specific room. And with the A15, you can also extend your multi-room system all the way into the garden, since your multi-room system can be as big as your WiFi reaches.”

“Our speaker is IPX2 rated, which means that it can withstand rain – and this, together with a handle that is ingeniously designed using the speaker’s port, means that we have created a speaker with a rather neat and precise look. Minimalist design has become popular outside Scandinavia, so we expect this speaker to be a popular option further afield, too.”

Key Selling Points

  • Three different multi-room systems; AirPlay 2, Google Cast and Audio Pro’s own multi-room system
  • 11 full hours of listening time at half volume, eight hours at full volume
  • IPX2-rated to withstand rain

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