LIVALL extends promotion on LTS21 “open ear” headphones

LIVALL has extended the sales promotion of its real open ear headphones.

Technology specialist LIVALL has announced an extension of its sales promotion for its revered LTS21 detachable headphones. The innovative 2-in-1 detachable open ear headphones offer premium sound quality, and are tailor-made for cyclists who wish to tune into music or broadcasts while on their bike.

Now, customers can pick up the LTS21 Pro*1-IGG Special at 36% off, with worldwide shipping expected to begin this month.

The LTS21 is described as “nearbuds but not earbuds!”, with hands-free operation that gives cyclists situational awareness and the comfort that their headphones will not drop out of their ear while on a ride.

The LTS21 comes with a range of innovative and health-focused features. For one, the “completely open” design means nothing enters the ear canal, which in turn means keeping the user’s ear protected from bacterial infection.

Furthermore, the headphones can be simply adapted to “clip on” to most helmets, making them a versatile accessory for cycling audiophiles. A IP64 protection rating means the LTS21 guaranteed to be water, dust, sweat and fog

As previously reported, smart safety is the number one priority for LIVALL, which can be seen by its 170+ global patents, 58 of which are product invention patents, along with 40 industrial recognised international awards.

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