4 Oct 2021

Foxconn Partners with Appear Inc. for new fast-charge battery tech.

Foxconn Partners with Appear Inc. for new fast-charge battery tech.


Foxconn, the world’s largest electronics manufacturer, and Appear Inc., a technology company developing fast charge-Graphene batteries, have announced a manufacturing partnership. Together, the companies will accelerate Appear’s global expansion by utilising Foxconn’s massive manufacturing capabilities to introduce new levels of manufacturing capabilities and scale for Appear’s proprietary battery technologies.

This cooperation will cover Appear’s know-how, technology, performance and networks in the energy industry, while Foxconn will provide recognised product development capabilities and speed in the field of smart manufacturing.

“We are very excited to partner with Foxconn,” said Prashant Rurs, Founder and CEO at Appear Inc. “Our elite, innovative, futuristic technology together with Foxconn’s unmatched manufacturing and quality control practices will take the industry by storm.”

Appear’s engineers have been working hard on developing the fully flexible graphene battery before bringing it to commercial production. Graphene, which is similar to graphite, is pure carbon and has revolutionised many areas of manufacturing with its unique properties.

Graphene is lightweight, stronger than steel, and one of the most conductive materials in the universe. These properties are the key to Appear’s proprietary applications for its groundbreaking Fast Charge Technology. Its graphene-enhanced Li-ion batteries provide exceptionally long lifespans, high capacities and faster charging times, while remaining incredibly safe and light.

Already in January of this year, Appear Inc. announced the launch of the world’s lightest and first graphene battery-powered smartphone with innovative water-resistant technology.

Photo: Fabio / Unsplash

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