Audio Pro upgrades of T3 and C10 take audio design “to the next level”

Swedish audio specialist Audio Pro has launched an upgrade of its popular T3 portable speaker, the Addon T3+ and the Audio Pro C10 MkII – a “multi-room marvel” which promises to take “audio design to the next level”.

The Addon T3+ is an upgrade on the T3 and sets a new standard for portable audio, Audio Pro claims. It features a genuine leather handle and solid aluminium details, as well as simple operation, two inputs – Bluetooth and Aux 3.5mm and elegant, but solid design, the company says. It also has a long battery life (up to 30 hours at half volume and 12 hours at max volume), the Addon T3+ aims to be the perfect portable Bluetooth speaker for everyday life.

An evolution of the brand’s award-winning C10 speaker, the C10 MkII is the wi-fi cousin of the T3+ and widens its streaming capabilities while enhancing its sound quality and overall design.

Audio Pro Addon T3+

With the C10 MkII, users are able to create customised multi-room systems using the Audio Pro app, and the latest redesign, available in three premium brushed metal finishes, is also compatible with both AirPlay 2 and Google Cast.

“This new triple function comes after customer feedback requested flexibility and choice in how they can enjoy audio via Audio Pro multiroom systems”, says Jens Henriksen, CCO at Audio Pro. “Being able to connect Audio Pro speakers with others that use Google Cast or AirPlay 2 provides endless capabilities.”

In addition to its new compatibility options, the MkII’s appearance has been upgraded, adding a mesh fabric front for the choice of two designs. Attached with hidden magnets, the speaker’s covering can easily be removed for those who prefer Audio Pro’s classic look. Or the front can be kept on for a more understated look. The new C10 has lost its leather carry handle to achieve the sleeker aesthetic, however, which will make transporting around trickier, particularly as it weighs a significant 3.9 kg.

“The C10 has scooped multiple awards,” adds Henriksen, “and we expect this to continue with its latest evolution, C10 MkII. Not only has the appearance been enhanced but its acoustics have also been improved, changing the design of the bass reflex port for better flow and updating a number of critical components inside. Not only can this upgraded sound quality be enjoyed through Audio Pro’s multiroom system, but within Apple and Google systems.”

Henriksen continues; “With an increasing number of customers dusting off their old vinyl players, or purchasing a new one for nostalgia, we have also offered restreaming through the new C10 which allows users to connect their turntable directly to the speaker.”

The brand’s popular presets have also been increased from four to six, upping the options from its predecessor.

“Increasing to six preset buttons, users will be able to save and store even more of their favourite playlists and radio stations at the simple touch of a button without needing to reach for the app”, concludes Henriksen.

Key selling points:

Addon T3+

  • Long battery life of up to 30 hours
  • Sound support for – Apple Lossless, MP3, WMA, AAC, Flac
  • Leather handle

C10 MkII

  • Users can create customised multiroom systems using Audio Pro app
  • Compatible with AirPlay 2 and Google Cast
  • Six preset buttons to save more playlists

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