AUO teams up with Adlink for development of new possibilities with Edge computing

As the development of AI and 5G drives the needs to further visualise the results of edge computing, the demand for high-end displays in various fields is growing rapidly. To this end, AUO and Adlink recently held their first ever virtual technology forum themed “Visualisation at the Edge” to share the industry trends and applications of the visualisation of edge computing and jointly increase the possibilities of complementing, collaboration, and co-creation with global ecosystem partners in the hope of accelerating key decision-making at the edge and realising the future with 5G and Artificial Intelligence.

“AUO is the world’s leading display manufacturer and has launched a dual-axis transformation strategy ‘Go Premium’ and ‘Go Vertical’. We not only develop premium display technologies and diversified vertical solutions, but also have full experience to realise advanced technologies and develop applications in the vertical fields such as transportation, medical care, enterprises, and manufacturing.” Frank Ko, President and COO of AUO, said, adding, “The strategic cooperation between AUO and ADLINK will create complementary advantages for both parties, enabling the visualisation of edge computing results through excellent interactive human-machine interfaces (HMI) to provide a better customer experience.”

“The strength of Adlink in the past 25 years lies in combining edge computing devices with AI to provide intelligent decision-making capabilities,” Jim Liu, Chairman and CEO of Adlink, mentioned. “Combined with AUO’s display solutions, we will lead the industry’s equipment for the visualisation of edge computing to successfully realise edge computing applications. ADLINK actively leverages edge AI, visualisation of edge computing, and autonomous mobility, combined with private 5G network (p5G), to master new opportunities for edge computing.”

Display combines edge computing to create improved customer experience

On the first day of the forum, Ko pointed out that 5G, AI, edge computing and IoT continue to accelerate the advent of the “Display Everywhere 2.0” era where displays will be ubiquitous during his keynote speech “Edge Innovations, Ecosystems, and Beyond.” Devices and solutions that visualize the combination of edge computing and AI can deliver data through interactive images and services, making terminal devices more intelligent and thus providing a better user experience.

Liu also gave a speech on “Edge is the Future.” According to Liu, edge computing is the future and the key to connecting OT and IT. By using AI, 5G, and IoT technologies to collect data at the edge and then combining this with AI analysis within a private 5G network infrastructure, edge computing can be done instantly so that immediate and correct decisions and actions can be made accordingly, thereby reducing production costs, increasing revenue, and bringing out the true value of edge computing.

Focusing Edge Visualization Applications in Four Major Vertical Fields

AUO Teams Up with ADLINK to develop all-in-one medical panel computers and build a P5G Swarm Autonomous Factory, realising advanced technologies in smart vertical fields

The four vertical applications of the visualisation of edge computing are smart transportation, smart healthcare, smart enterprise, and smart manufacturing. These require the integration of displays and edge computing technologies, such as medical displays, retail cashiers, self-service kiosks, interactive conference displays, self-driving cars, traffic management, and factory HMI, etc. By deploying AUO’s advanced display technology in various fields to visualise the results of edge computing and data integration, the needs of specific users in these smart verticals can be met.

To demonstrate the potential of private 5G networks in smart manufacturing, AUO and Adlink have teamed up to build a P5G Swarm Autonomous Factory, which successfully allows existing automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to achieve task collaborations. It is expected that the overall efficiency of automated guided transport at AUO’s Longtan Plant will be increased by 33%.

Cross-domain integration of edge computing and AI to create a smart display ecosystem

AUO and Adlink continue to expand the ecosystem across the value chain and foster cross-domain co-creation with partners. AUO is extending the value chain from displays to end-to-end solutions in the vertical markets of retail, enterprise, education, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, and energy, with more than ten subsidiaries already established focusing on different vertical fields. So far, six SaaS platforms have been developed and more than 60 vertical industry solutions have been launched, serving more than 500 companies worldwide.

With the development of technology, global manufacturing industry is paying more attention to resource consumption and green commitments. AUO, which was recently selected for Global Lighthouse Network this year, continues to lead the charge on Fourth Industrial Revolution transformation in manufacturing through the integration with ADLINK’s edge AI computing technology. This enables visualisation devices to not only meet the needs of customers, but also achieve the commitments to environmental sustainability, thus creating a better future.

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Photo – top of page: (Left to right) Frank Ko, President and COO of AUO and Jim Liu, Chairman and CEO of ADLINK Envision New Futures with Visualisation at the Edge during Tech Forum


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