Introducing Balanced – the platform offering fitness programmes for older adults

The fitness app was launched in November 2021, but has already raised millions in pre-seed and seed round investment.

Balanced is the digital fitness app that is gaining momentum for its unique service. The platform offers personalised fitness programmes for older adults, with certain routines that can help prevent pain, injuries and illness. Personal goals can be set through the platform, like boosting bone density, increasing flexibility or muscle mass. So far, the company has raised an impressive €6.16 million ($6.5 million) in pre-seed and seed round investment.

The company was founded by Kelly Froelich and Katie Reed, whose grandfather helped inspire the founding of Balanced. Reed has said that her grandfather exercised every morning when she was growing up in Palm Springs, California. Reed was working at health-tech startup Ro when the Covid-19 pandemic surfaced, and relocated to be with her widowed grandmother to work from home.

Reed says she studied online fitness programmes like Obe and Peloton, which she said worked for her, but lacked customisation options for her grandmother. This led her to team up with co-worker Froelich to found the digital fitness platform, with the company launching in November 2021.

The service costs around €19 ($20) a month, offering personalised video series specifically designed for specific health and wellness goals.

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