A snapshot of Berlin Photo Week: showcasing new products, innovations and experiences

Wolfgang Heinen, CEO of Berlin Photo Week, gave audiences a preview of his event which is set to be held from September 2nd to the 4th at Arena Berlin.

“The Berlin Photo Week is offering opportunities for everyone who loves to take photos”, Heinen stated. “Pictures are the most important means of communication”.

The festival will showcase the most important innovations regarding photography and videography. There will be multiple opportunities for photographers to experience and express their love for the art. Additionally: during the Berlin Photo Week galleries all over Berlin are showing important photographs of well known artists. Heinen is expecting 50,000 visitors to the event.

Anna-Maria Seifert, COO of Berlin Photo Week, provided an insight into the idea of the upcoming event. Companies like Leica and Whitewall will showcase new products and innovations. Tamron and Hahnemühle are also showing their products and offering so-called “fun places”. To address the younger generation, “fun places” are the right spot to experiment with different styles and gadgets, Seifert said. Exhibitors are able to design their “fun places” individually and let their creativity flow freely. Experts will also offer workshops and masterclasses during the Berlin Photo Week, show their portfolio and provide some insights into their work and art.

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