Circular smart ring aims to “democratise personal health”

Smart wearables brand Circular have launched a smart ring and aims to “democratise personal health” for worldwide users and to meet the growing demand for health wearables.

The ring, dubbed “the most wearable wearable” by the brand, is available to preorder from the company’s website, for delivery in the summer. It features sensors capable of detecting 142 metrics including heart rate variability, blood oxygenation or SpO2, breathing rate, body temperature, heart recovery, and sleep balance, Circular says.

According the company, it correlates metrics to give personalised recommendations that help users in making good decisions, responding to their body signals in a healthier way: better sleep, physical activities and heart recovery, resulting in proactive health monitoring to alert on conditions such as sleep apnea.

Compared to competitive wearables, the ring does not provide just raw data, but also personal insights, thanks to the accompanying app that includes a personal assistant, and it connects via Bluetooth to the user’s iPhone or Android device.

In addition, the ring is customisable, with four outer shells to choose from – silver, gold, rose gold and black. The Circular ring can be charged on the go with a portable USB-dongle.

Finally, the ring offers a personal & smart alarm clock, which, unusually for an alarm, is silent, Circular says. It works by studying the user’s sleep and smoothly wakes them up during the light sleep stage, without disturbing the user’s surroundings, thanks to silent vibrations.

Other features to be added in the future include alert notifications including calendar, reminders, timer or social notifications right on the wearer’s finger with discreet vibrations to never miss out on what’s important.

Among the company’s other aims are that of controlling other connected objects with the ring and a second round of fundraising to invest in further developments

‍Amaury Kosman, co-founder of Circular, comments: “The Circular ring is a daily companion capable of tracking your health and activity metrics from wake time to bedtime. It will assist every user on its daily life to improve it, with easy-to-read insights and pertinent recommendations.”

Initially, the brand is targeting the B2C market and will soon be aimed at professionals (insurance companies, medical and health establishments, etc.), Circular says. Orders mainly concern the United States, Canada, European countries (France, Germany, Italy and UK), Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Key Selling Points

  • Sensors capable of detecting 142 metrics
  • Waterproof up to five metres
  • Customisable with four finishes

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