4 Sep 2022

Société Française de Garantie (SFG) takes on repairs for major brands

Frédéric Brizard, General Manager of Société Française de Garantie (SFG), the French subsidiary of Wertgarantie, explains the company’s decision to internalise reparations earlier this year.

Mr Brizard explains: “The goal is to develop a B2B strategy in close partnership with Wertgarantie across the entire value chain, from the client, product and the distribution for the French, Belgian and Luxembourg markets. In the short term, we are aiming to sell more than a million policies on the French market and position ourselves as one of the main providers. In addition, we are looking to develop innovative insurance policies to compliment the sale of finished products from our partner brands, manufacturers and distributors.

With the creation of SFG Services and hiring of 150 technicians who specialise in repairing white and brown goods, we have been able to manage the entire value chain since december 2021. Today, we are a designer of warranties, a customer relationship manager, and an approved repairer for the biggest brands. Since the beginning, our strategy at SFG has been to repair all household products. But with the support of Wertgarantie, we will further strengthen our reparability strategy and reinforce our position as a major player in the field of repair and service solution offered to the consumer via SFG Services.