3 Sep 2022

The new LifePad by Beurer helps people take immediate action in an emergency

The portable pad helps guide people through the resuscitation process step-by-step so they can intervene before it’s too late.

When an emergency strikes, the first few minutes before help arrives on the scene can often mean the difference between life and death, but many people are overwhelmed or reluctant to intervene for fear of making matters worse. Now, Beurer has come up with a solution which aims to help alleviate people’s fears, enabling them to take immediate action in the event of an emergency.

The LifePad is easy to use and requires no prior knowledge or experience. In the event of an emergency, all of the steps to follow are clearly illustrated directly on the product itself. It is also equipped with an acoustic and visual feedback system which indicates the optimum compression depth and frequency.

Simply pull the battery strip out of the device and the signal sounds immediately, setting a rhythm at 100 beats per minute. A compression must be applied at each signal, and the chest completely released after the tone. This is made even easier by the device’s colour LED display, which helps maintain the recommended compression pressure. Sufficient pressure is only applied when all LEDs are fully illuminated.

The red markings on the pad clearly indicate how to place it on the chest, and the raised surface helps position the hands correctly. The LifePad is made of flexible material and can therefore easily be adapted to the person’s body shape. It can be used on and by people aged 12 and over.

The key features at a glance

  • Step-by-step resuscitation instructions
  • Visual and acoustic feedback system: For optimum compression depth and frequency
  • Compact design, for easy storage in any bag
  • Flexible material: adapts to the individual’s body shape
  • Easy positioning

All of these cues have been developed to provide peace of mind when performing life-saving resuscitation measures, especially for lay people in overwhelming emergency situations. Its compact A5 size (21 x 16 cm) also means the portable pad can easily be stored at home or transported in a backpack or vehicle.

The LifePad is easy to transport (Credit: Beurer)

Seconds could save lives

While the first moments in an emergency can prove vital, first responders in Germany only take the required life-saving steps in around 40 percent of cardiac arrests, according to the German Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine (DGAI). This is where the LifePad can make a difference.

The resuscitation aid’s patented technology was developed with the help of Swiss medical technology company Innotas AG. Beurer is also working closely with the Björn Steiger Foundation, which has dedicated more than 50 years to improving emergency assistance and rescue services in Germany.

An award winning company with a wealth of experience

The family-run company, which operates in more than 100 countries, was awarded the “Winner” award in the “Excellent Brands – Health & Pharmaceuticals” category by the German Design Council earlier this year. It was also given a “Special Mention” in the “Excellent Brands – Corporate Brand of the Year” category.

With a range of around 500 products, the Beurer brand has been synonymous with health and well-being for many years. Every year, the long-standing Ulm-based company launches around 60 new products onto the market, including not only upgrades of existing products but also new trend-setting innovations.

For more information about the LifePad, visit Beurer’s Booth in Hall 4.1, Stand 212 at IFA 2022 in Berlin.

Hall 4.1, Stand 212